Braeden Bradforth, a 19-year-old football player from Neptune, New Jersey died a preventable death on his first day of college football practice at Garden City Community College in Garden City, Kansas. When Garden City Community College failed to provide Braeden’s grieving mother Joanne Atkins-Ingram with the details surrounding her son’s death, Joanne retained the Law Office of Jill Elaine Greene.   Joanne sought Jill Greene, knowing that Jill and her staff would do everything in their power to bring justice for her son. Braeden left New Jersey for Garden City, Kansas on July 30, 2018 and would be dead just two days later on August 1, 2018. Through her investigation, Jill learned that immediately before his death, Braeden was put through a grueling football conditioning practice.  It took four months of persistent inquiry, but Jill finally received the autopsy report which determined that the cause of death was exertional heat stroke. Exertional heat stroke should never be fatal. Fatal exertional heat stroke is 100% preventable. A 19-year-old  child, so proud to represent his home state of New Jersey, died a preventable death playing a game that he loved. Jill Greene worked night and day to gather information that would hopefully provide answers to Joanne’s many questions surrounding Braeden’s death. After being repeatedly stonewalled  in their investigation, Jill and Joanne flew to Kansas where they would conduct their own investigation in an attempt to gain answers and information as to Braeden’s death. While in Kansas, Jill and Joanne visited the college campus, spoke with students and football players and gathered as much information as they could.


The media in  New Jersey and Kansas began to follow Braeden’s story which eventually became national news. Braeden’s tragic death has been covered in articles by Sports Illustrated, Fox News ,the Kansas City star, NPR radio, The associated press, USA Today, the Asbury park Press, NJ.com, MSN, ESPN, KWCH news, garden city telegram, news 12, channel 11 and 7 news,  101.5 radio and more. NJ Congressman Chris Smith and Senator Vin Gopal became involved in Jill’s fight to bring justice to Braeden’s family. Congressman Smith introduced Braeden’s Commission, a bill designed to protect collegiate student athletes from exertional heat stroke. Senator Vin Gopal has been working on Braeden’s law which is also designed to protect student athletes. Congressman Chris Smith held 2 press conferences at the Law Office of Jill Elaine Greene, both of which which were well attended by the press and media. Congressman Smith was instrumental in pressuring the College to conduct  an independent investigation into Braeden’s death. Upon it’s release, the independent investigative report faulted the school, stating that Braeden’s death could have been prevented. To this day, Jill continues to fight tirelessly for Joanne and Braeden’s family, having only one goal in mind and that is to bring #Justice4Braeden.